AGTA 2019 Conference presentations — Gold Coast: 1-4 October 2019

Masterclass presentations

Tuesday 1 October 2019
Elin Charles-Edwards: Big and small data in the geography classroom :: Lecture online

Keynote presentations

Wednesday 2 October 2019
Andrew Fletcher: GIS and location analysis

Thursday 3 October 2019
Dr Jeana Kriewaldt and Dr Rod Lane: Pedagogical Innovation in Geography


Wednesday 2 October 2019
Session 1: Workshop 1f
Lorraine Chaffer: Mapping skills :: Mapping skills answer sheet

Session 2: Workshop 2h
David Proctor: Stop teaching geography :: Bubble diagram :: CUBE poster :: IDEAL poster

Session 2: Workshop 2l
Skye Rodgers: Create your own ArcGIS Story Map :: Story maps PowerPoint :: Adding layers in AGOL :: Adding point data :: Create a Survey123 :: Creating buffers and drive time areas :: Data Cleaning :: Make a choropleth of Australia :: Making a choropleth of the world :: Using Map Notes to map an area :: What is GIS

Thursday 3 October 2019
Session 1: Workshop 3k
Jason van Tol: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet

Session 2: Workshop 4a
Presenter TBA: Apps for Geography :: Apps for Geography worksheet

Session 2: Workshop 4i
Associate Professor retied, Alaric Maude: What might powerful geographical knowledge look like?

Session 3: Workshop 5h
Lorraine Chaffer: Places and liveability Inquiry Approach :: Handout 1 Place and Liveability Backward Mapping :: Handout 2 Wouldn't it be great if :: Handout 3 Checklist for task evaluation