Professional standards for teaching school geography

The Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) played a leading role in the development of Professional Standards for Accomplished Teaching School Geography (5.4MB PDF) during 2007–2009. During this period AGTA was a partner with the University of Melbourne, Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria (GTAV) in funding this major project. This project was also partly funded through an Australian Research Council Linkages grant.

The standards were developed from:

  • video footage of ten accomplished geography teachers in government and non-government schools in three states;
  • project website online survey which gathered responses to questions concerning the lesson videotapes of the teachers;
  • 17 panel meetings in five states;
  • summary of responses from the meetings, the online survey and written responses.

>> Access the GEOGstandards website (Note: The videos on this website require Adobe Flash. It is suggested that they are viewed usinng a Firefox browser)

The writers and facilitators for the standards were:
Dr Dianne Mulcahy –
Jeana Kriewaldt –
Nick Hutchinson –
Roger Smith –