AGTA Awards for published materials

AGTA presents biennial awards to producers of materials used in the teaching of geography.

An invitation to submit resources for the next AGTA Awards will occur during 2018 with the awards presented at the AGTA Conference to be held in 2019.

AGTA 2016 Award Recipients

The following AGTA 2016 Awards were presented at the AGTA 2017 Conference held in Melbourne, Victoria.

Primary resource (F-6)
No awards

Middel school resource (7-10)
Geography: NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum (Published by Cambridge University Press) – Winner

Senior secondary resource (11-12)
VCE Geography series (Published by GTAV) – Winner

Digital resource
Food for Thought (Published by Oxfam Australia) – Winner

Geographic education resource
Interaction Vol 44 No 1, The Fieldwork Issue (Published by GTAV) – Winner
Geographical Education, Vol 28 (2015) (Produced by AGTA) – Highly commended

Non-commercial/Not-for-profit generated resource
Spatial Educators Toolkit (Produced by Queensland Spatial Information Council) – Highly commended

AGTA 2014 Award Recipients

The following AGTA 2014 Awards were presented at the AGTA 2015 Conference held in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Primary resource (F-6)
Discovering Geography (Published by Pearson) – Winner

Junior secondary resource (7-10)
Geography Alive for the Australian Curriculum (Years 7-10) (Published by Jacaranda, John Wiley Sons) – Winner
Jacaranda Atlas (8th Edition) (Published by Jacaranda, John Wiley Sons) – Highly commended
Pearson Geography 7-8 series (Published by Pearson) – Highly commended

Senior secondary resource (11-12)
No awards

Digital resource
Tsunami: The Ultimate Guide (Produced by Australian Tsunami Advisory Group) – Highly Commended

Geographic education resource
No awards

Non-commercial/Not-for-profit generated resource
Get Connected: Water in the World (Produced by World Vision Australia) – Winner

AGTA 2012 Award Recipients

The following AGTA 2012 Awards were presented at the AGTA 2013 Conference held in Perth, Western Australia.

Primary resource
Inquiry into Pandas Kit (GTASA) – Winner
All’s Well (One World Centre) – Commendation

Junior secondary resource
Water for Life (GEP at GTAV) – Winner
Disaster Mapper (Attorney General Dept.) – Commendation
Longman Atlas 6th Edition (Pearson) – Commendation

Senior secondary resource
VCE Resources & Perspectives Units 3 & 4 (GTAV) – Joint Winner
VCE Geography Environments Units 1 & 2 (GTAV) – Joint Winner
Student Guide to Stage 3 Geography (GAWA) – Commendation

Disaster Mapper (Attorney General Dept.) – Winner
Mapping your Career (GTAV) – Highly Commended

Geographic resource
Keys to Geography: Essential Skills (Macmillan) – Winner
Interaction – Volume 39, March 2011(GTAV) – Commendation

Non-commercial resource
No awards